I want to make a deposit?

Depositing currencies into your CredoEx wallet is simple. You have a separate wallet in CredoEx for each currency. All your wallets can be found in the same “Wallet” page. Each wallet has its own deposit address.

  • Click on “Wallet” in the upper right hand corner, next to your name.


  • Within the “Deposit” section on the left, choose the wallet containing the currency you wish to deposit. 


  • Double check that you have selected the right wallet. If you send the wrong currency you will LOSE the currency during the deposit process and it cannot be refunded (e.g. depositing BTC to an ETH address will result in losing your BTC) .
  • Click “Generate Address” when you are ready to make your deposit.
  • Copy the deposit address by clicking "Copy Address.NOTE: Verify you have copied the address correctly.



  • Open your external wallet and send the funds (e.g. using MyEtherWallet found here) by pasting your CredoEx deposit address into the application as the transfer destination.
  • Again, double check you are sending the right currency, otherwise you will LOSE the currency (e.g. sending BTC to an ETH address will result in you losing the BTC).  
  • Make sure you confirm that the address matches the one you copied as certain types of malware can change the address when you copy and paste it.
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