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After you have deposited funds into your CredoEx wallet, you can begin trading.

When Buying or Selling

  • Click on “Trade” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Select the currency pair you wish to trade, by clicking the dropdown on the upper left hand corner, next to the CredoEx logo.
  • Determine whether you want to “Buy” or “Sell


  • Whether you are buying or selling, select if you want to place a “Limit” or “Market” order, by clicking on either one.


    • A Limit order allows the trader to specify a price and amount they would like to buy or sell at.

Example: If the current market price is 100 and you want to place a buy limit order at a lower price (50), then you would place a limit order price of 50. If the market reaches 50 your limit order will be executed at 50.

    • A Market order executes immediately using the best price available. A market sell will match the best available bids, and a market buy will match against the best available price. Market orders are often used for immediate transactions.


  • If selecting Limit, enter the quantity you wish to purchase by entering the amount in the “Amount” field.
  • Enter the Limit price you wish to buy at within the “Limit Price” box.
  • After confirming the values, click “Place Buy Order” (Click “Place Sell Order” if selling) to execute your trade.


  • You will receive a confirmation if you have executed the order correctly.


  • If you receive an error, simply correct the error and click “Place Buy Order” once again.
  • When executing a “Market” order, enter the amount you wish to buy and click “Place Buy Order” (Click “Place Sell Order” if selling).


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