Where can I find my transaction history

When you would like to review executed trades or your deposit/withdrawal history, simply click on "Wallet" in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard, next to your name. 



Once you are in your wallet, under Transaction History, select whether you want to view your Trading or Deposit/Withdrawal log.


  • Date - The time and date a trade was placed.
  • Action - The type of transaction - Buy or Sell.
  • Status - Once a trade has been executed check to view the status e.g. completed, pending
  • Base Amount - The total quantity traded
  • Quote Amount - The amount and currency the trade was executed at e.g. 1 ETH



  • Date - The time and date a trade was placed. 
  • Action - Type of Transaction - Deposit/Withdrawal.
  • Hash - Transaction receipt (TxHash) click to view details on Etherscan.
  • Status - Check to view status of transaction e.g. confirmed, rejected.
  • Amount- Deposit/Withdrawal amount. 



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