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Thank you for choosing CredoEx as your exchange partner for cryptocurrency trading. This guide will walk you though the easy steps in creating your account, depositing and making your first trades, and navigating throughout CredoEx

What is Credo? A cryptocurrency token for BitBounce - the blockchain based spam and email access solution. The fees charged to reach inboxes and to incentivize responses are paid in Credo.

What is CredoEX? CredoEx is the easiest way to trade Credo and a cryptocurrency exchange for BitBounce users.

Why we created CredoEx:

We created CredoEx to serve as the primary source of liquidity for BitBounce users so that they can easily convert their earned Credo into other currencies. Additionally, CredoEx will serve as the means for enterprises and other partners to buy Credo for incentivized campaigns as we grow.

We see CredoEx positioning Credo as a central and important token within the crypto ecosystem by establishing active trading pairs with many other currencies and tokens. Today we support Credo to Ether pairing and plan to add other pairs with crypto and fiat currencies in the future based on demand.

In addition to a source of liquidity for Credo, we built CredoEx to improve upon some of the issues many of us experienced with other exchanges including higher site reliability as well as a more user friendly user experience.

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