Enabling 2FA - Added Layer of Security

Two step authentication helps you protect your account from unauthorized access. It ties together something you know, your password, and something you have, your phone or security key, prior to accessing your account. To get started we recommend downloading Google Authenticator. By enabling Google Authenticator 2FA is a simple process that has a large impact on the security of your CredoEx account.

  • After setting up your Google Authenticator, click on “Account Settings”  from the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Select “Security” from the dropdown menu.



  • From the security page, click on “Enable” to turn Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on.

NOTE: If you have not established a secure password, take the time now to set your password to a strong and secure one.




Recovery Codes are used to access your account in the event you cannot receive two-factor authentication codes.

NOTE: It is important to treat your recovery codes with the same level attention as you would your password. We recommend saving them with a password manager such as LastPass, 1Password, or Keeper.

  • You have the option to “Download” or “Copy” then paste your Recovery Codes in a secure vault.
  •  Once you have securely stored your Recovery Codes, through the “Download” or “Copy” option, click on “Next” in the upper right hand corner.



  • To finalize enabling 2FA, you will need to use Google Authenticator to scan the QR code provided.
  • After scanning, you will receive a six (6) digit code, which is sent to the device associated with your Google Authenticator.
  • Enter the 6 digit code and click “Enable”.




You are all set! You have now added another layer of security to your account.

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