How are orders matched?

CredoEx will always attempt to give you the best price available when placing an order. This can result in a higher buy price if you are selling or a lower sell price if you are buying. Orders are matched against the open orders found in the order book.

For example if you put an order to purchase Credo at 2 ETH and someone is selling Credo at 1.5 ETH. Assuming there are not other open orders, your buy order will be matched with the sell order at 1.5 ETH, which is lower than what the intended buy was.  

Conversely, if you place a sell order for 2 ETH, for example, and there is a buy order at 2.5 ETH, we will match your sell order to the higher amount, assuming no open orders are found in the order book.

Keep in mind, we will never match an order that is MORE than your selected buy amount, nor will we match a sell order that is LESS than the selected sell price.

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