Read: Forbes - CredoEx, Credo, and Bitbounce

Startup mentor and writter for Forbes, Yoav Vilner discusses BitBounce and how How Blockchain Allows For Targeted Marketing While Monetizing End Users 

 "For companies of all sizes, there are fine lines and many overlaps between marketing and advertising campaigns.

One of the biggest conversations that regularly take place revolve around whether it would be more strategic to conduct campaigns at mass, or in a more targeted fashion. Both methods are highly effective when done right, and can drive leads and sales for businesses - all in their own unique ways: ..." 

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Yoav Vilner is a world recognized startup mentor (with accelerators such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo), blockchain writer with outlets such as Forbes, Inc, CNBC and Entrepreneur, and a serial CEO & Founder of successful marketing companies.

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