Name Violation - Advanced Verification Requirement

We are thrilled to have you part of the CredoEx community! As part of our commitment to remain the most trusted and sound cryptocurrency platform, knowing our customer is required in order to prevent fraud and keep the community safe. This added layer of security assists us in protecting CredoEx users from theft and fraud.

When we are unable to definitively know our customer(s), or when our Terms of Service are violated, CredoEx reserves the right to request supporting documentation in order to confirm an individual's identity.   

If you receive a message requesting that you must go through Advanced Verification, please click on the “Verify Account” button and complete the verification steps found here.


Please keep in mind that you will have limited functionality on the CredoEx exchange until verification is complete and you have received affirmation of such completion from a member of the CredoEx team. If you have not had the opportunity to do so, we will send out email reminders over the course of three (3) weeks. If, within that period of time, you still have not had a chance to verify your identity, CredoEx will summarily lock you out of your account. To regain access to your account, you must reach out to our Customer Success Team.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping make CredoEx one of the most trusted and sound cryptocurrency platforms in existence! As always should you have any questions please reach out to our support team.  


Advanced verification tips

Please view the following video to help you with Advanced Verification.

  1. Clear Image of Self + Valid Identification: Users must take a new “selfie” or submit a different photo than the one included on the identification document that they upload for review. The “selfie” must be against a clear, blank background, not obstruct the individual’s face and person, and also include the user holding their government issued ID that they wish to use for Advanced Verification purposes.
  2. Proper document type/photo: Users should also make sure they are selecting the proper document type and following the instructions of what photos to upload and when. Please be sure to include the entire government ID, without obstruction or lack of clarity, when submitting. If you do not follow these steps as outlined, it may result in delayed Advanced Verification or summary denial of access to your account.
  3. Unreadable IDs: If your chosen form of identification is unreadable or otherwise unable to be verified as a legitimately issued government identification document, then you will fail Advanced Verification and will not have full access to the platform. Please ensure that the picture of the government-issued identification is clear, visible, and readable in its entirety.
  4. Non-Latin characters: We recognize that there are some countries in which government-issued identification documents do not support the Latin character set. For these types of identification documents, there are additional steps that CredoEx will need to take in order to successfully verify the information presented on the identification document This often includes manual intervention. To ensure a timely review, please use international passports insofar as these documents support Latin characters.

Please keep in mind that an issue resulting from improper verification may result in delayed approval. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at

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